The Yin/Yang Factor Workshop for Endurance Athletes
With Mackay Rippey & Margaret Thompson

Everyone is different, a fact that comes up day after day in my life as a cycling coach.  Each of my athletes has his or her own motivators, talents, physical attributes and physical problems. 

I am always looking for ways to help my athletes optimize training, and I’ve always been a firm believer in the fact that nutrition is one of the factors that the athlete has a huge amount of control over. 

But I’ve read so many studies which show that eating one way is good, and then studies showing that the opposite method rules.  As an example, assorted energy drinks, with different kinds of sugars, and some with proteins, all had dedicated users.  I also knew that they all had their detractors as well.  And this was just energy drink!  The more I read, the more confused I got.

It was not until Acupuncturist Mackay Rippey introduced me to the Yin/Yang Factor that all of the studies I had read really did make sense, even if they were conflicting.  I learned quickly that because everyone – including my athletes -- is different, then so are their nutritional needs.   We all know the athlete who can train and race all day consuming little more than a small bottle of water and a cracker.  I would not be able to walk up my stairs on such a fare!

Taking that thought to its logical conclusion, one then begins to acknowledge that people do have differing metabolic requirements and need to eat differently to best support their pursuits.  Mackay’s studies have shown him how to determine each person’s metabolic need.  Once diagnosed, each person is given a complete list of foods to eat, and those to avoid, making the most of their health and well-being.  Check out Mackay’s website at

I had experienced a huge downswing in my racing and recovery the summer of 2005, even though I was eating a “healthy diet.”  Then I attended a Yin/Yang Factor Workshop in August.  The results were eye-opening and life-altering for me!  Since changing the way I eat, I have noticed a dramatic improvement on my body’s ability to recover.  And I’ve incorporated his findings into a nutritional program designed for other athletes as they train and race.

Mackay has invited me to join in presenting Yin/Yang Factor for Endurance Athletes workshops.   Each attendee’s Yin/Yang factor is determined using blood glucose levels and other metabolic markers.  Attendees will learn the theory of the Yin/Yang Factor as well as foods that help support each person’s unique factor.  I present my recommendations for nutrition while training and racing, keeping each person’s factor in mind.

Call or email for workshop dates. Advanced registration required.  315-796-1054