Are you a cyclist intent
on improving performance?

On the podium at 2004 UCI World Master MTB Championships

Are you sick of training hard, only to feel flat during an important race or ride?  Are you tired of being tired from training?  Do you start out your cycling season with great aspirations in March, only to become burnt out by August?  If you can identify with any one of these statements then you have already thought about fine-tuning your training.

There are myriads of coaching books and publications available for self-coaching, but which plan is right for you? 
Slow distance, intensity, intervals, power, REST?  Mix this in with work and family obligations and you have a recipe for confusion. 

As a USA Cycling Level 1 (Elite) Coach I work with each of my athletes on a one-on-one basis.  I design a strategy that is based upon each athlete’s goals, fitness level, health requirements and time constraints.  The athlete supplies these ingredients, and then it is my job to put proper amounts of them into the right order.  Together we develop weekly plans designed to optimize training time and improve fitness in order to go faster and farther on the bike.